Digestion tips!

  …and other tips to help get your digestion running at its best! How about some best practices for optimizing your digestion? You’re making better choices with your food, you’re feeling better, you have long lasting energy, your food cravings have subsided, and maybe you’ve […]

Mindset Strategies To Help You Stay Focused!

Day one is in the books! I actually woke up and said “Oh crap” when I realized what was going to happen next. Not proud to admit that, but I’m human. I might have a morning coffee habit that controls me! I then remembered quickly that […]

My gut health challenge!

my gut health challenge! Are you following along with me for the first seven days of my six week gut reset? YAY!! I’m so happy to have you along! Why am I calling this a challenge? Well, because it is! Even though I eat pretty clean it […]

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